art to wear by christina elias

transforming bodies into happenings

Our products

limited editions of handmade clothing
folding trouser-skirt jeans

folding trouser-skirt

one-size no gender trouser-skirt in various cotton collours

handpainted kimono

Kimono hand-painted

Hand-painted cotton kimono shirt

white dress painted in pink

folding dress

Handpainted cotton. Hand-sewn folding.

vestido preto e rosa.

t-shirt spiral

hand-painted cotton and tule. transparent back.

About our work

Christina Elias (São Paulo,1978) is an artist based in Lisbon working on the borders of dance, visual arts and literature. Her research involves the concept of skin in society as tissues that involve the self, might they be culture, language, history, geography, genetics, politics, economy, looks and fashion. Even if one is nude, one is wearing something. Through translucent tissues, it is possible to see what hides underneath.

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