Our products

confortable, easy and eloquent art to wear in the everyday life

translucent back t-shirt

walk around the city light, easy and elegantly.  handpainted cotton fronts with transluscent aerial back sides. free your wings.

Elegant,  easy to wear and confortable dresses for simple, urban but extravagant tastes.

trouser and skir at the same time. one sized. no gender. from the city to the beach, confortable and stylisch. 

white kimono with blue stripe
blue sky kimono. front side. 100% cotton. handpainted. one sized. short sleeves. line from wrist to wrist 116cm. height 68 cm. sweet dreamin' collection.

something eay and beautiful to put on top of anything. one sized. no gender. good friend of our trouser-skirts.

All finger tricot laces for the neck or waist. Or for both.

large bags made for carrying and storing goods

classicalt-shirts with black handwriting
diary t-shirts. classical t-shirts with automatic handwriting. Cotton and acrylic paint.

classical t-shirts stamped with feelings

small bag
essential belt-bag. painting canvas and tricot. handpainted. height 15m. width 10cm.

purses for carrying mobile and lipbalm.