easy and extravagant dresses for everyday urban life.

pink dreams

folded female white and pink dress
pink dreams folding dress. 100% cotton, white. handpainted and sewn. sweet dreams collection. one sized. fits all. bust: 110cm . length: 118cm.
female white, pink painted dress
pink dreams dress. front.
back side of female folding dress
pink dreams dress. back.

sky dress

blue female dress, folded.
large sized t-shirt dresss. blue sky. cotton and tule. handpainted and sewn. one sized. fits all. bust 110cm; length 100cm.
female blue dress
sky dress. front.
female blue dress.
sky dress. back.

mariposa dress

black dress with red details in tricot
mariposa dress. cotton and satin. hand sewn. details in tricot. one sized. fits all. bust 115 cm. length 100 cm. sweet dreams collection.
black female dress with red detaails in tricot
mariposa dress. front.
black female dress with details in red.
mariposa dress. back.